Minneapolis Convention Center Boosts Advertising Revenue with Two NanoLumens NanoCurve LED Displays!

With its 475,000 square feet of exhibit space, 3,400 seat auditorium, 87 meeting rooms, and two enormous ballrooms, the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC) is definitely a major hub for area conventions, business events, entertainment productions, as well as social and civic functions.  As such, it provides an ideal place for advertisers to reach their target audiences, provided that the medium delivering these messages is bold, engaging and compelling.

Recently, the MCC achieved its goal of creating its own 21st century advertising platform with the help of NanoLumens®, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of indoor LED display solutions, who provided two massive 5mm pixel LED NanoCurve displays, covering an area 5’T X 90’W, installed by Minneapolis based Tierney Brothers Integration.

“We are honored to have been selected to provide NanoCurve LED displays to the Minneapolis Convention Center,” NanoLumens Vice President of Marketing & Business Development Nathan Remmes said. “NanoCurve LED displays are slim and lightweight, which is perfect for spaces that require large format screens. These displays will provide maximum visibility to each and every one of the Convention Center’s visitors, which is ideal for advertisers.”

The Tierney Brothers Integration team installed the two LED NanoCurve displays in the Convention Center’s new Main Corridor Visitor Information Center.  The result is a stunning visual focal point that both informs visitors and generates a new source of advertising revenue. NanoLumens massive displays are the ideal medium to promote upcoming tradeshows, such as the Auto Show or Home & Garden Show, because they offer a crystal clear image that can be seen from a distance.  NanoLumens was the only company that could provide a curved display creating a single, continuous, video display band even around corners. When paid advertisements aren’t running on the displays, content includes visitor information, upcoming event details and more.


“NanoLumens displays create a clear and detailed image that transforms the Main Corridor into a showcase of 21st century technology,” said Derek Burns of Tierney Brothers Integration. “I fully expect that the investment in digital signage will pay back in a short amount of time.” 

Integration Specialists Tom Tierney and Jeff Lund selected the NanoLumens displays after a tedious decision-making process. “We engaged NanoLumens for design details, pricing and a proposal for the Convention Center,” Tierney said. “We chose NanoLumens because we immediately felt the quality of the product and support the company offers created the perfect match for us. If a manufacturer isn’t there to support an integrator on a project like this, the project is exponentially more difficult. NanoLumens was very involved from start to finish.” 

Plus, NanoLumens is the only manufacturer to offer large format LED displays that are easily compatible with the large, open space floor plan of the convention center. “In the past, we have been limited by the size factor with LED or LCD displays. NanoLumens offers a true LED continuous large format display, and with its ability to bend around curves will work with some of the most sophisticated designs. Nanolumens’ LED technology allows us to expand into different markets, such as convention centers, where large displays previously would not have been feasible to install due to design requirements or pricing.” added Tierney Brothers Jeff Lund.

NanoLumens’ large-format LED displays are bright, vivid, and eye-catching, even when dealing with ambient light. With an effective display, content is noticed by viewers. NanoLumens displays are built with the environment in mind; they’re created from 50% reclaimed material and are almost 100% recyclable. For more information, check out http://www.nanolumens.com/display-solutions/nanocurve.