NanoLumens Presents AMP Capital and Station Casinos with Inaugural Crystal Nixel™ Awards

NanoLumens ( announced today that AMP Capital and Station Casinos were the recipients of the inaugural NanoLumens Crystal Nixel™ Awards, which recognize excellence in the creative design of a visualization solution. Leading the industry in compelling engagement solutions, NanoLumens is presenting these awards annually to an American and international partner that places creativity front and center in the design of an installation.

NanoLumens Vice President of Strategic Accounts Almir DeCarvalho (right) presents AMP Capital representatives with the 2015 International Crystal Nixel Award.

NanoLumens Vice President of Strategic Accounts Almir DeCarvalho (right) presents AMP Capital representatives with the 2015 International Crystal Nixel Award.

In the inaugural year of the program, Crystal Nixel™ Awards were presented to AMP Capital for the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre installation in Australia and to Station Casinos for the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa installation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The Pacific Fair and Red Rock installations represent a true melding of architectural grace and technological prowess,” NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope explained. “Both of these teams demonstrated advanced technological ability while putting design in the forefront of their projects. It’s an honor to present AMP Capital and Station Casinos with the first-ever Crystal Nixel™ Awards.”

The international Crystal Nixel™ Award winner, AMP Capital, utilized NanoLumens solutions in the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, creating an eye-catching and architecturally unique space to engage shoppers and enhance their overall experience. During this project, the largest curved LED displays in Australia were installed through four NanoLumens NanoCurve solutions. Suspended over the mall’s two key areas – the Oculus and the Myer department store – the solutions offer AMP Capital a highly effective advertising vehicle that stops shoppers in their tracks. Each solution installed completely adheres to Pacific Fair’s aesthetic: bright and dynamic with current content that is classic in style. 

NanoLumens Dave Merlino (left) and Doug Fundator (right) present NTA President H Waldman (center) with the 2015 U.S. Crystal Nixel Award.

NanoLumens Dave Merlino (left) and Doug Fundator (right) present NTA President H Waldman (center) with the 2015 U.S. Crystal Nixel Award.

Receiving the U.S. Crystal Nixel™ Award, Station Casinos installed the largest 2.5MM pixel-pitch NanoSlim Engage solution in North America. Replacing 18 aging projection systems, Red Rock’s Race & Sports Book is now equipped with three NanoSlim Engage solutions, providing 1,730 square feet of crystal-clear content to engage patrons daily. The three new displays offer exponentially brighter pictures at lower operating costs. In addition, each visualization solution had to fit exactly into the existing openings where the previous projector-based systems had been; the adaptable nature of the NanoLumens technology allowed for exactly that. 

NanoLumens Turns Up the HEAT at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami

For the last 16 years the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida, has been known for pushing the limits of the in-arena fan experience with its unusual scoreboard, world-class concerts and must-see sporting events. So when The HEAT Group, the parent company of the arena as well as the Miami HEAT NBA basketball team that calls the arena home, wanted to bring the fan experience outside to the newly designed and soon-to-be unveiled Xfinity East Plaza, they turned to NanoLumens to create an eye-catching visual environment using six of its NanoSlim and NanoWrap solutions.

The state-of-the-art outdoor plaza, which features a stage, fully-equipped bar and NRG Solar Canopy, is making its  debut during the grand opening celebration on January 31, 2016, as the Miami HEAT take the court against the Atlanta Hawks.

“The Miami HEAT have always been a technology-driven franchise committed to delivering a superior entertainment experience at both HEAT games and Arena events," said Eric Woolworth, President of The HEAT Group Business Operations. "Our latest endeavor of pairing technology with fan experience comes with the unveiling of our Xfinity East Plaza, where the incredibly impressive NanoLumens displays are helping us to deliver digital content to a previously underutilized outdoor space—a prospect we believe HEAT fans and Arena guests will enjoy as much as we do.”

The opening of the sensational Xfinity East Plaza will turn a once under-utilized outdoor area into a revenue-generating epicenter of entertainment for the HEAT Group. According to NanoLumens Southeast Regional Sales Director Arch Nelson, “The new Xfinity East Plaza creates an oasis for ticketed guests to enjoy the South Florida weather, while not missing a minute of the action. On the NanoLumens solutions, the HEAT Group can show guests what is going on inside the arena with live action and instant replay while also offering other entertainment options, as well as also showing revenue-generating sponsor advertisements.” Utilizing the six NanoLumens displays, the AmericanAirlines Arena can boost revenue through game day advertising while also offering local South Florida businesses and residents an impressive new event space for future opportunities.

The NanoLumens solutions have been made available to The HEAT Group through the NanoLumens Advantage program, designed to help businesses gain a competitive sales advantage with the latest technology, protect against obsolescence, and simplify asset management, all while streamlining the many benefits into a one-stop solution. 

To learn more about the Xfinity East Plaza, click here

Honolulu International Airport Brings the 'Wow' Factor Back to Travel with State-of-the-Art LED Displays

Adding to a growing portfolio of airport installations around the world, NanoLumens, today announced the completion of a new installation at the Honolulu International Airport (HNL). In partnership with systems integrator Ford Audio-Video, NanoLumens, the industry-leading manufacturer and innovator of LED display visualization solutions, installed two 44.65’ X 7.28’ NanoLumens NanoSlim LED display solutions that now serve as the central traveler communications platform for an improved experience. 

According to Airport World, environmental graphic design within airports is often not the first thought when looking to boost revenue, but it has a tremendous potential to influence a traveler’s experience. In fact, J.D. Power and Associates, reports that happy passengers spend an average 45 percent more than grumpy ones or $20.55 versus $14.12 on airport retail purchases in shops and eateries.

The Honolulu International Airport project joins a growing list of NanoLumens airport installations that now include London’s Stansted and Heathrow Airports, the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, the Miami International Airport, the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the Darwin International Airport in Australia. According to NanoLumens Regional Sales Manager Eric Seigler, “More and more airports understand that large format LED based visualization solutions are the best way to cut through the clutter and engage hurried travelers with critically important messages, information, and, in many cases, sponsored advertising content,” Seigler explained. “The Honolulu International Airport installation represents the latest addition to our transportation portfolio, with more to follow.” 

NanoLumens worked with its systems integration partner, Oklahoma City-based Ford Audio-Video, to install two 44.65’ X 7.28’ NanoSlim 6MM pixel pitch solutions to help the airport operators more efficiently and compellingly communicate flight information to travelers. Ford Audio-Video selected NanoLumens for the project based on its demonstrated ability to custom design solutions in any size, shape, or curvature that are also thin, light in weight, and easy to service. 

“Ford Audio-Video has partnered with NanoLumens on many successful projects,” said Bid Division Manager  at Ford Audio-Video Ed Knoll “NanoLumens was selected for this project because of their strong integrator support program, superior product performance, and long-term performance reliability. The NanoLumens team is very accessible and responsive, and is always eager to help us with design and creativity.”

According to Ford Audio-Video Project Engineer, Travis Ellis, “Ford Audio-Video has been the long-term provider of Public Address, Flight Information Display and Gate Management System Maintenance and AV integration at the Honolulu international Airport (HNL). The goal of the project was to provide departure flight information that could be visible throughout each of the two lobbies that are approximately 120-feet in depth. Additionally, the airport required that there be additional LED real estate space to show additional content of passenger interest, such as a destination city’s weather and a Hawaii tourism video slideshow.”  

To operate the NanoLumens 6MM, 2,000 NIT visualization solutions, Ford Audio-Video installed SITA manufactured software running on Dell Optiplex XE2 computers to generate the flight information in addition to a BrightSign 4K242 solid state media player to output the destination city weather and Hawaii Tourism video slideshow.

Available in any size, shape or curvature, NanoLumens solutions fit seamlessly into any architectural space and on virtually any surface without being obtrusive, adding the ‘WOW’ factor to an airport without taking up precious space. Each display is extremely slim, ultra-lightweight, energy efficient, featuring a bright, seamless, high-resolution picture quality that can be viewed from any angle throughout the display horizon without color shift or image distortion.

“This is the first large format LED display installation at the Honolulu International Airport,” Ellis concluded. “The success of this project should help us to bring future large format LED displays to lobbies four through eight of the airport’s overseas terminal.”

Seigler concluded, “NanoLumens values the relationship with Ford Audio-Video and looks forward to working on many more projects with them in the near future.” 

NanoLumens Rocks the Race & Sports Book at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas

Luxury meets technology at the Four Diamond AAA-rated Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas ( where it took a huge leap forward with the installation of three NanoLumens ( 2.5MM NanoSlim Engage LED visual solutions, creating 1,730 square feet of crystal-clear content in its Race & Sports Book.

Red Rock Resort is the only Las Vegas-based casino named on USA Today’s Top 10 Casinos. The new solutions, as well as three new 12-inch tall scrolling screens as footers, are the largest ones of their kind ever installed in North America. Positioned in Red Rock’s Race & Sports Book for the future, the NanoSlim Engage solutions allow 4K video content to be viewed in Ultra High Definition.

The new digital canvases, installed by Las Vegas-based National Technology Associates (NTA) (, replace a total of 18 aging video projectors — six per screen — that were costly to operate and maintain, while requiring regular adjustment to the software. Instead, the three new NanoLumens 2.5MM NanoSlim Engage solutions offer exponentially brighter pictures at lower operating costs, significantly reducing the Race & Sports Book’s HVAC energy costs. In addition, each visualization solution had to fit exactly into the existing openings where the previous projector-based systems had been; the modular nature of the NanoLumens technology allowed for exactly that. 

“These screens are literally running at just 10-percent of their potential brightness, and are already dramatically brighter than the projection video system they’re replacing,” observed H Waldman, Chief Operating Officer at NTA. The screens — each 31.5-feet-wide-by-17-feet-tall, totaling more than 1,700 square feet of video surface with a native resolution of 3840-by-2112 — were installed in the openings previously occupied by the projection systems. They were installed one at a time, with two screens able to remain on at any time, allowing the sports book to operate without interruption. The NanoLumens Nixels that comprise the walls were simple to install, allowing the walls to be constructed row by row as crews worked behind masking curtains. Waldman explained, “It took about a week to install each solution, which is very fast considering there were a lot of connections to be made with the new head-end AV system we also installed. The NanoLumens Nixels were extremely easy to work with.”

The new NanoLumens solutions will keep Red Rock’s Race & Sports Book at the leading edge of a city; technology that enhances the overall entertainment experience is often a big differentiating factor between casinos. At the beginning of the development process, Red Rock Resort’s management and NTA consulted with NanoLumens about what would be possible for its race and sports book experience to continue to be among the best in the industry. “They wanted this to be as cutting-edge as possible,” recalled Doug Fundator, Vice President Gaming/Casinos at NanoLumens.

At the time discussions began, a 4MM pixel pitch was the highest resolution commercially available. Fundator explained, “Station Casinos’ Race & Sports Book executives wanted the sports book’s AV to be superior with the benefits that LED technology brings with it. NanoLumens was able to provide exactly that, working closely with the customer and the integrator, we were able to make sure everyone’s expectations were met.” As a result, the newly renovated Race & Sports Book is “a game changer” — a new benchmark for Las Vegas and for the entire global hospitality industry, Fundator added.

Art Manteris, Vice President of Race & Sports Book Operations for Station Casinos agreed, noting, “The new NanoLumens visualization solutions look fantastic — there’s no separation between Nixels. Now, when you’re watching HD you are not limited by the display only by the source,” he said. “This is the kind of investment that will continue to set Red Rock Resort apart.”

To download additional hi-res images, click here.

NanoLumens Introduces "NanoLumens Advantage" to Help Businesses Affordably Achieve Their Customer Engagement Goals

Empowering businesses in every vertical market to more affordably achieve all of their customer engagement goals, NanoLumens (, an industry leading manufacturer and marketer of visualization solutions, today announced the introduction of NanoLumens Advantage —a streamlined approach to digital display acquisition and maintenance.

“Businesses of every size and type have discovered the impact that NanoLumens LED visualization solutions can have on their businesses,” explained NanoLumens Vice President of Strategic Growth Nate Remmes.  “Our visually stunning displays can be customized to any environment, in a variety of shapes and curvatures.  Their light, thin nature makes them easy to install in a range of spaces.  In addition, their advanced technology uses less energy than comparable display types while lasting longer than any other currently available display technology.”

NanoLumens Advantage is the next-generation lease financing program that makes it possible for a business to finance an entire digital strategy on a monthly basis rather than making the purchase outright — while enabling customers to easily add upgrades and additional assets to an existing contract.  In fact, the NanoLumens Advantage best-in-class program is designed to help businesses gain a competitive sales advantage with the latest technology, protect against obsolescence, secure budget approval with ease, better spend working capital for strategic investments, simplify asset management, ensure predictable budgeting, preserve credit limits, and realize tax advantages, while simplifying all of the many benefits into a one-stop solution.

Also, according to Remmes, NanoLumens displays have become an extremely effective digital media choice for many types of businesses looking to engage and influence their audiences in a more compelling way.  “With the introduction ofNanoLumens Advantage, businesses can now see an even greater return on their investment while limiting their upfront capital equipment costs.”

“Business owners are turning to NanoLumens for visualization solutions that meet a full range of uses, from displaying advertising and promotions to creating fully immersive customer experiences,” Remmes emphasized today.  “Now, thanks to the NanoLumens Advantage program, businesses can enjoy all of the benefits of NanoLumens displays without an upfront capital expense.”