This Stocking Stuffer Will Keep All Your Mobile Device Screens Clean, Polished and Looking Like New All Year Long

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the safe, all natural, non-toxic way to practice regular tech hygiene without harming your mobile device screens.  

More people use mobile devices than ever before.  Smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers have become staples in our daily lives.  Unfortunately, so too have the dirt that build up on all of these devices.  In fact, according to Yahoo!, the average cell phone is up to ten times dirtier than a toilet seat!

This holiday season you can fight back against dirty screens by giving WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner to every member of the family that owns a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  It’s the only screen and device cleaner to be awarded a coveted 2014 CES Innovations Design & Engineering Award.  It’s also the only screen cleaner certified by the Sharp STAR Program for use on Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive displays, and it’s the only screen cleaner that comes with a ‘Safe for Your Screen’ guarantee.* WHOOSH! is the most advanced non-toxic, streak-free screen cleaning solution that safely cleans screens while keeping them shining like new and resistant to fingerprints and smudges. WHOOSH! is also ideal for use on television screens.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is made with non-toxic and biodegradable surfactants instead of with harsh chemicals that can not only damage your device, but also harm your health. 

Leveraging the latest advancements in formula development, WHOOSH! was specifically developed to be a safe yet powerful cleaning solution that eliminates fingerprints, smudges, dirt, grime and makeup from any electronic device screen — leaving a clear, streak-free finish that makes the screen shine like new. The solution’s proprietary formula also leaves an ultra-thin invisible coating that resists dirt build-up, smudges, and fingerprints.  WHOOSH! does not contain alcohol, acids, ammonia, chlorine, petroleum distillates, phosphates or volatile organic compounds. 

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is available in various sizes this holiday season across many retail stores including Apple©, Walmart and Fry’s Electronics.  WHOOSH! is also available for purchase online at, or   

WHOOSH! is currently available in three sizes: Pocket (.3 fluid ounces) for $5.99, Go (1 fluid ounce) for $9.99, and Duo+ (a 3.4 fluid ounce bottle + a .3 fluid ounce bottle) for $19.99. All sizes come with a 6”x6” W! antimicrobial micro-fiber cloth. In addition, WHOOSH is available for the commercial, industrial, and education markets.