Historic Wentworth Estate Home Gets a Modern-Day A/V Upgrade with ELAN

Wentworth Estate, one of the UK’s most prestigious residential areas, was founded in the 1920’s around the first ever Ryder Cup and world famous Wentworth Golf Club. Steeped in early 20th century history with Neo-Georgian style and colonial revival architecture, Wentworth Estate is home to some of the most spectacular residences in the world.

One of these residences belongs to Nigel D. Taee, who, with his wife, four children, and live-in housekeeping staff, sought to create an easy means of room-to-room and floor-to-floor communications. To transform his historic home into a showcase of modern technology, he consulted with Rupert Greatwood of U.K.-based integration firm South Anston Ltd to provide a central means of control for his smart home. To serve as the central hub of communication, Greatwood relied on the ELAN Entertainment & Control System with ELAN Intercom functionality.

“This 11,000 square-foot home was already equipped with modern technology, such as automated gate control and game stations, but it lacked a centralized means of control,” said Greatwood. “The existing A/V control system was old, and therefore could not provide the Taee family with the hardware and software compatibility that they required to connect with each other. That’s why we decided to uproot the old system and install an ELAN gSC10 Controller to serve as the control center for existing components, such as gate security, and new components that we installed, such as multi-room audio, climate control and lighting control.”

According to Taee, his previous system was difficult to manage because each technological element had a different means of control. He wanted to combine all of his smart home control into one convenient and consistent interface. “It was our priority to centralize all of our homes' functionality, while also creating an entirely new inter-home network of communication,” Taee said. “I knew that I could call Rupert, who we worked with before, to upgrade our system with the most cutting-edge technology on the market.”

Greatwood was able to do just that. To connect the entire family to each other- regardless of what floor they are on or room they are in- he installed sixteen in-wall ELAN gTP7 touchpanels. “We love having a touchpanel in virtually every room of the house to utilize the new ELAN Intercom. I can call into the kids’ rooms and check in on how they’re doing,” Taee said. “I could be in the kitchen, or calling from another country via the ELAN g!Mobile app. It’s revolutionized how my wife and I can reach our children.”

Each of the sixteen touchpanels is programmed to control the home’s automated Lutron Lighting, 11-zone AC climate control, extensive multi-room audio system, plus a gate and security system. “Now, we are able to access real-time footage of our LILIN IP-security cameras on the property from any touchpanel in the home,” Taee said. “It’s also extremely comforting to know that I can check in on the home’s security gate and property from my app when I’m traveling for business.”

When he’s not traveling, Taee loves to entertain indoors and outdoors on his stunning property. To provide controlled audio both inside and outside at the touch of a button, Greatwood installed an ELAN S86A 8-source, 6-zone audio controller with two integrated 16-channel ELAN S1616A multi-zone audio controllers. “My team created a multi-zone audio system, with two zones just for the outdoor entertaining space, that allows Taee to play different music in different areas of the home,” Greatwood explained. “The kids can choose their own music in their individual rooms, and Nigel can choose his own music to play in the living room. It works out perfectly.”

To protect all of the hardware in case of a power surge, Greatwood suggested that Taee install a Furman F1500 Uninterruptible Power Supply in the equipment rack. “We want to condition the power and start the hard drives up the right way,” Greatwood emphasized. “With precious and expensive technology, it’s necessary to take the proper precautions. And Furman is the most reliable power conditioner in the business.”

According to Taee, the new control system has made a world of a difference for him and his family, whether he’s hosting a party on the patio or simply calling his children down for dinner. “The installation has made total home control easier,” Taee said. “The system is tactile and uniform. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

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Rhythm Tech Looks To Continue 'Shaking Things Up' For Musicians As Part Of Jam Industries

After recently being acquired by JAM Industries, Rhythm Tech is getting ready to begin the next great chapter in its 36-year history of pioneering meaningful innovations for modern drummers and percussionists.  According to company founder Richard Taninbaum, the best is still yet to come for the company that, among other things, introduced the now legendary crescent-shaped Rhythm Tech tambourine in 1980.

"Rhythm Tech is at a very exciting inflection point in its history," Taninbaum said today.  "As a JAM company we are now able to realize objectives that were previously out of reach for a company our size. New product areas, along with potential synergies with other brands under the JAM umbrella, open the future of the Rhythm Tech brand in many new and exciting ways. As the brand's steward, I'm thrilled to continue to play an important role in this development and I look forward to contributing my efforts to help move the brand in these new directions."

According to Taninbaum, creating something new, useful and accepted by an industry rooted in tradition is always very gratifying. Although the art of music is constantly evolving, the tools used to make music are mostly 'old friends.' Bringing something new and accepted into the process is what moves him to think about these tools in new ways. "I feel the quality and value of the instruments being produced in today's MI industry are vastly superior to those of prior periods," he emphasized.

"Due to advanced manufacturing techniques and materials, even budget instruments are more playable and less expensive, offering the greatest value to the armature and professional musician of any time in our history," he emphasized. "For this reason, it is more important than ever for companies working in this industry to bring something more to the market. Innovation is the way for a brand to differentiate itself in a crowed field and Rhythm Tech will continue to differentiate itself through innovation. That's the core of our DNA as a brand." 

Indeed, Rhythm Tech's roots in the music performance and production community run deep, even as it stays true to its habits of 'shaking' things up.  Over the years, Rhythm Tech has introduced a number of classics, turning heads with the likes of the Trigger Triangle, EGGZ, and Canz, as well as its Stickball drumstick shaker and its HatTrick and HatShake G2 based shakers.

Looking to the future, Taninbaum noted, while not giving away too many details on new product plans, that, "Putting a unique slant on traditional drum and percussion instruments and accessories has always been Rhythm Tech's prime focus. In the next phase of the company's development I can see further expansion in this area creating useful tools for a changing music scene along with bringing our perspective to less traditional products as well, such as electronic and midi instruments. Additionally, the areas of home recording, DJ, and EDM are all exciting possibilities for product development integration of the Rhythm Tech esthetic and brand personality. Wherever there is a beat there is an opportunity for Rhythm Tech product development."

Tri-City Christian Academy Monitors and Controls Expanded Campus with Advanced Technology Integrated Through ELAN

For years, Tri-City Christian Academy in High Point, North Carolina has been implementing iPads and Notebook computers into their curriculum to familiarize students with the latest technology. As the school began planning its recent expansion, they were determined to take their tech-savvy campus to the next level with an integrated control system to operate the new building. The school turned to local integration firm Advanced Tech Systems to install an extensive ELAN Entertainment and Control System — the same system the school’s Chairman of the Board uses in his home.

“Going into the project, we knew that we would use ELAN as the main system because of its excellent ability to integrate third-party products,” explained Allan Beck, President of Advanced Tech Systems. “Also, the Chairman of the Board is a longtime customer of ours; he uses ELAN in his home and business.” 

Advanced Tech Systems began the installation process at Tri-City Christian Academy by pre-wiring all of the network cables and patch panels. Since many students, teachers and staff members utilize the Wi-Fi network at once, the network had to be robust. To easily control all of the subsystems, an ELAN gSC10 system was installed linking the Ethernet, Wi-Fi, security, access control, cameras, bell system and more.

“Once we began installing the system, the school administrators kept having additional ideas about control capabilities,” Beck stated. “With ELAN, we were able to easily expand the system to meet and exceed their needs.”

When school is in session, security cameras, interior motion detectors and security door sensors are utilized to ensure campus safety. Through the ELAN system, the principal and other authorized administrators can monitor the cameras to make sure everything runs smoothly.

A new gymnasium was also built as part of the campus expansion. Tri-City Christian Academy’s new gym comes equipped with an ELAN gMV64 UltraMatrix Controller, increasing flexibility and functionality of the audio/video equipment. Connected through the ELAN gSC10, the gMV64 helps control the loudspeakers, amps, video projector, Shure wireless hand-held microphones and the 298-inch DaLite display screen. Additionally, Apple TV was included in the gymnasium with a Gefen wireless HDMI extender to transmit the video to the projector display. 

Beck added, “We also installed Apple TVs in each classroom and meeting room for daily educational use as well as to be able to use the spaces for overflow seating when larger events were held on campus. For example, the school was able to host the Christian Education Summit grand opening event, with 700 visitors from around the country, thanks to this addition.” 

Advanced Tech Systems incorporated various advanced programming features into the school’s ELAN system. For example, event maps programmed through ELAN enable the school’s scheduled bell system to play throughout all the speakers in the building. “When the principal comes in each day, he can select ‘Early Dismissal Schedule’ or ‘Regular Schedule’ on the ELAN app on a smartphone or iPad,” Beck explained. “The bells, which are really 70-volt amps, then sound on the pre-programed schedule for the duration of the day.”

Through the ELAN system, the principal at Tri-City Christian Academy can easily operate the entire complex through an app on his smartphone or tablet. “The principal thinks the system is easy to use, and is very pleased with its neatness,” Beck concluded.

With an Eye Toward the Future of IoT, NanoLumens Partners with AdMobilize

From the floor of the TAB/OAAA Media Conference & Expo, the innovative manufacturer of LED visualization solutions, NanoLumens, and venture-backed technology company, AdMobilize, today announced a strategic partnership in creating a more dynamic and data driven experience for the owners of digital signage. AdMobilize’s all-in-one solution equips Nanolumens with a seamless and powerful analytics platform for any customer without complicated installation, set-up, or maintenance.

“We are excited to partner with AdMobilize as the next phase of digital signage is ushered in through the advancement of IoT,” says Nathan Remmes, VP of Corporate Development at NanoLumens. “We believe one of the major challenges in digital signage remains to be attribution, and our partnership with AdMobilize is just the next step we are taking toward making a more complete solution powered by data. It is one that will lead to better attribution, and truly dynamic content for a better overall experience for consumers and advertisers alike.”

This move positions industry-leading digital solutions provider NanoLumens to capture audience analytics such as impressions, views, dwell time, age, gender, and emotion for its customers in higher education, retail, hospitality, stadium, arena, casino, transportation and public event verticals. The partnership is the leading edge to what the high tech provider and manufacturer envision doing together for the hottest topic in the industry: the Internet of Things. 

“Having this kind of technology embedded into the screen itself opens up a whole new world of possibilities for connecting the physical world to the online grid. NanoLumens and AdMobilize share a very similar vision of IoT that goes even beyond audience measurement. we are excited about the future we can build together with an integrated solution”, comments Mike Neel, Director of Sales and Marketing at AdMobilize. 

Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO & Co-Founder of AdMobilize, explains that “to embed this technology at the ground level, the manufacturing level, at scale is going to make adoption exponentially quicker. We are excited see our ‘drop in’ solutions shape the future.” 

Initial rollouts for this platform are set to begin in June 2016.

Stampede To Use NAB 2016 To Provide Broadcasters With A Complete Pathway To Integrate Drone Solutions Into Their Operations

Demonstrating its ability to provide broadcasters with a fully developed way to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles into their daily field operations,Stampede, North America’s largest distributor of ProAV solutions, is showcasing a full range of Drone Video Systems comprised of drone hardware, command and control software, services and add-ons at NAB 2016. The showcase, which includes exhibits from multiple vendors and drone manufacturers, takes place at Stampede Booth #C3357DP in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 18 – April 21, 2016.

"We're not giving broadcasters an idea of what they can do with drones, we're giving them apathway that they can follow to implement a fully deployed solution,” Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly said today. “It’s clear that broadcast and reporting methods are rapidly evolving with drones. We are committed to providing the broadcast industry with state-of-the-art solutions with an approved certification program that teaches people how to use drones in a safe and sanctioned way.”

Stampede is displaying an array of drones from leading manufacturers such as DJI, AEE, Walkera, XFLY, FreeFly, Yuneec, and AeroFlight, alongside services and education from Unmanned Vehicle University and UA Solutions; Command & Control software from VideoBank, Smart C2 and Vidyo; and Add-Ons from Amimom, Agrowing and Blue Vigil. “We’re showcasing a range of drones, educational services, command and control software and add-ons that cover every possible broadcast application,” Kelly asserted. “No other company demonstrates the business opportunities offered by drones the way we do.”

Drone Video Systems is an entirely new category spearheaded by Stampede that compiles drone hardware, add-ons, command and control, and brings them in-house so that broadcasters, for the first time ever, have a one-stop shop for customizable drone solutions. “A Drone Video System connects leading commercial equipment, such as video conferencing software, command and control, and data storage, with a drone,” Kelly said. “This makes drone integration much more simple and effective for broadcasters.”

The NAB Show in Las Vegas is the world's largest electronic media show covering the creation, management and delivery of content across all platforms. With more than 98,000 attendees from 150 countries and 1,700+ exhibitors, NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for digital media and entertainment. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new screens in new ways. For complete details, visit www.nabshow.com.

To learn more about drone-based solutions for the broadcast industry, visit Stampede booth #C3357DP at NAB 2016.