Historic Small Town Bar Goes Big With NanoLumens NanoSlim LED Display!

The Tannery Row Ale House, established in 1873 in Buford, Georgia, installed a 224” 6mm NanoLumens NanoSlim LED Display in their large bar room to entertain guests. 

To prepare for football season, the historic Tannery Row Ale House in Buford, Georgia, decided to install the town’s biggest, brightest and clearest display for its guests to watch the game. To do so, they turned to NanoLumens, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of indoor LED display solutions, to provide a 224” 6mm NanoSlim LED Display for the bar room. Now, the Tannery Row Ale House is the official home to the largest LED display in the town of Buford. 

“The Tannery Row Ale House is determined to host the best football sporting events in town,” NanoLumens Director of Business Development Nathan Remmes said. “The LED NanoSlim Display guarantees them that opportunity; the display is bright and provides maximum range. Anyone at the back of the bar can view the screen with complete clarity. It’s the ideal display for this space.”

After touring the NanoLumens showroom, bar owners Shane Maxwell and Brian Campbell selected the NanoSlim LED Display. “This display is thin and lightweight, but expansive,” Maxwell said. “The bigger the screen, the better. We want all of our guests to enjoy watching the game at our bar.”

Measuring at 17 feet by 11 feet, the NanoSlim display sits at the center of the restaurant in an area that flexes into an outdoor space during the warmer seasons. They are able to maximize the display year round, whether they watch baseball outside or football inside.

Aside from sporting events, the Ale House rents out their large central space for meetings and conventions. “When conventions take place, renters can use the LED Display to showcase whatever visuals they’d like,” Maxwell added. 

The Tannery Row Ale House, established in 1873, is immersed American history; the space served as harness and horse collar factory in 1897, a shoe factory in 1913, and a waste treatment facility in 1958. The former business, Bona Allan Inc., is remembered for its primarily perfect employment record during the American Great Depression, as well as its semi-pro baseball teams. By 1972, the saddle and harness factory closed. By August 12, 2014, The Tannery Row Ale House emerged. Continuing in the facility’s American tradition, The Tannery Row Ale House was introduced as Buford’s number one “hotspot” for residents to watch the Atlanta Falcons and University of Georgia Bulldogs.

“We’ve had the display for three weeks, and it’s been an incredible way for fans to watch football games,” Shane Maxwell said. “We’re paying homage to this place’s incredible history by coming together to enjoy an American sport.”  

NanoSlim LED Displays are slim, usually only 4 inches thick, and lightweight. They are bright and eye-catching, even with ambient light. Consistent, rich color and superior off-axis viewing with no distortion makes them the most effective on the market. NanoSlim display only needs the wattage used to run your hairdryer at home. Displays are also made from 50% recycled material and are 100% recyclable themselves. View a video of NanoLumens displays here: http://www.nanolumens.com/about.