NanoLumens Helps Louisiana State University Students to Focus On Post Graduate Career Goals!

Louisiana State University installed two NanoLumens LED displays inside of its new Olinde Career Center to attract students to the office to prepare them for successful post-graduate careers. 

As the largest public university in the state, Louisiana State University (LSU) provides approximately 30,000 students with the tools they need to launch successful post graduate careers. This commitment has been taken into the 21st century with the recent opening of the university’s new Olinde Career Center (OCC), a two-floor, 17,000 square foot space where students’ future career goals take shape.

Located inside the Student Union, the OCC’S management team wanted a new 21st century way to immediately engage with students to them to come into the office on a daily basis. To achieve this goal, LSU turned to NanoLumens® for cutting edge LED displays that promised to stop students dead in their tracks! “The university is beginning to incorporate more technology around campus,” Kevin Brian, the CFO and Director of Technology Divisions at the integration firm SAIA Electric, Inc. stated. “When we started designing the new OCC, we wanted to galvanize students’ attention to draw students into the center. NanoLumens listened carefully to our design ideas, and they allowed us to create a very unique display solution that grabs the attention of every student who walks into the Student Union.” 

“With about 15,000 visitors a day, the Student Union is always full of activity,” Mary Feduccia, the Director of LSU’s Olinde Career Center explained. “The new career center opened two days before the fall semester began, which is a major time for our programming. During this busy time, we’ve been able to utilize the NanoLumens displays to effectively and dramatically promote events that have significantly increased the traffic into the new center.”

The career center is equipped with a 5mm, 10-foot rectangular NanoLumens NanoSlim displays, and a 20-foot circular NanoCurve display. Both screens are ultra-lightweight, slim, and provide vibrant, high-resolution images from all viewing angles, making them the ideal eye-catching solution in the bustling LSU Student Union.

“Everyone is amazed by the NanoLumens technology,” Feduccia continued. “From students to parents to faculty and staff, hundreds of people have expressed their amazement directly to us.”


The two NanoLumens displays provide students with information and graphics on a daily basis. The traditional, rectangular screen is located inside of the student financial management offices within the career center. The display showcases the New York Stock Exchange to help differentiate the financial services within the career center. “It gives the area a more financial appeal,” Feduccia explained.

The circular NanoLumens display is used to showcase simple graphics, such as the LSU Tiger, as well as brief messages about career center events. Feduccia said the attendance rate at these events has increased, since students can now prominently see the numerous opportunities the center is offering. 

“LSU is ecstatic with the outcome of the displays,” Brian added. “With the big push to upgrade technology across campus, we’re already discussing a preliminary plan to incorporate a large NanoCurve display in one of the older building’s atriums. Right when you walk in, it will draw you in!”

NanoLumens displays are extremely slim, ultra-lightweight, energy efficient, and feature a bright, seamless, high resolution picture quality that can be viewed from any angle throughout the display horizon without color shift or image distortion. The company’s patented display technology, promises to transform the way marketers engage their customers in every type of trade show, retail, hospitality, stadium, arena, transportation and public event environment.

All NanoLumens displays accept input from nearly any device or content management system. There is no need for special software, hardware or special personnel to display content beautifully. With a profile of only a few inches, NanoSlim displays can be installed on virtually any surface without being obtrusive, adding the ‘WOW’ factor to any environment without taking up precious space. NanoLumens’ patented display technology is optimized for indoor use, operating with virtually zero heat or noise while producing bright, rich, consistent color as well as superior off-axis viewing with no color shift or image distortion throughout the display horizon.