NanoLumens and PartnerTech Begin Manufacturing LED Displays For Distribution in Canada


Major high tech electronics manufacturer and world’s leading manufacturer of indoor LED displays expand Made in America initiative by manufacturing large format LED displays for Canadian customers. 

NanoLumens®, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of indoor LED displays, and PartnerTech Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of PartnerTech AB, a major systems integration and electronics manufacturer, today expanded their ‘Made in America’ partnership with the announcement that they are now manufacturing large format LED displays for customers in Canada.

According to NanoLumens President & CEO Rick Cope, PartnerTech Inc. is providing expert mechanical and electrical assembly, testing and calibration expertise for more than a dozen large format NanoLumens LED displays, ranging from 20 to 27 feet wide. These displays will be used for advertising purposes in malls across Canada.

“Scalability and flexibility, along with nimble performance in handling multiple projects are the key drivers of this relationship,” Cope said today. “PartnerTech has demonstrated its ability to scale production while maintaining expert cost controls and a high level of customer support, key factors that formed the foundation of our relationship three years ago.” 

PartnerTech has provided manufacturing, engineering and assembly resources to NanoLumens for previous projects at both PartnerTech and NanoLumens sites. The companies have worked together on many LED display installations including NBA basketball arenas, international train stations, convention centers, and more. 

NanoLumens is expected to grow as a first-in-class provider of indoor LED displays with the support of volume demands provided by PartnerTech.

“Continued accelerated growth for NanoLumens presents opportunities for larger scale and more complex orders,” Cope added. “With each new opportunity, the advantages of our relationship with PartnerTech are proven through rapid scale and cost control while maintaining a high level of customer care.” 

Electronics manufacturing is making a huge comeback to the United States in part due to the partnerships like the one between PartnerTech and NanoLumens.  The ability to scale production through additional resources, both skilled labor and physical space, support the exponential growth that NanoLumens has experienced in the last year. The flexibility and scalability afforded through this type of partnership is extremely advantageous in managing cost control and providing better service to customers. 

“With multiple projects occurring simultaneously, the ability to scale production and manage production space is imperative,” Gary Bruce, President of PartnerTech Inc. stated. “PartnerTech is able to provide the flexibility and resources needed for NanoLumens to respond to growing demand and to continue to deliver excellence to their customers.”

NanoLumens and PartnerTech Celebrate Third Anniversary With Major New Manufacturing Initiative

NanoLumens®, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of indoor LED displays, and PartnerTech, a major systems integration and contract mechanics manufacturer, are celebrating the third anniversary of a successful and expanding business relationship that just might redefine what it means to “Make it in America.”
What’s more, the two Atlanta area based companies are celebrating the start of their fourth year of working together with the launch of a major new initiative — the assembly of more than 22 indoor LED displays, ranging in size from 30’X17’ to 8’X8’, for the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio.
“NanoLumens has experienced exponential growth in large format indoor LED display solutions,” stated NanoLumens President & CEO Rick Cope. “In anticipation of this accelerating market demand, we selected PartnerTech three years ago to serve as our contract manufacturing partner because of their demonstrated ability to rapidly scale production while maintaining expert cost controls and high levels of customer support. Nowhere is this more evident than in the work they are providing now on the I-X Center project, which is our single largest installation to date.”
According to PartnerTech Managing Director Gary Bruce, “PartnerTech provides the speed-to-market requirements that NanoLumens needs to serve their customers through the scalability of resources and management of the production space. When multiple customer demands occur, PartnerTech is available to help NanoLumens deliver excellence to their customers. They can count on us to be on-site and start new projects quickly.”
Both Cope and Bruce maintain that electronics manufacturing is making a huge comeback in the United States and in no small way that comeback is because of flexible partnerships like the one anchoring NanoLumens and PartnerTech. “There are many factors contributing to the increase of electronics manufacturing in the United States, including shipping costs, loss of productivity, inventory control and the need for quick delivery to market,” Bruce explained.
“Advantages in these areas all translate to greater cost control and better service to customers. The cost of shipping from overseas has risen greatly over the last several years. Productivity has declined in many countries in comparison to the United States while wages in those countries are rising. Manufacturers are able to provide better service to their customers with inventory control and delivery solutions that are available by manufacturing products in America that also will be sold in America,” he emphasized.
PartnerTech and NanoLumens have worked together since 2011 when PartnerTech first provided help with the production of NanoLumens’ first-in-class indoor LED displays. PartnerTech offers support through manufacturing engineering and assembly resources to help industrialize the products and manage the volume demands by working at both PartnerTech and NanoLumens sites. They have already completed projects for NBA basketball arenas, international train stations, flagship retail outlets, convention centers and more.
“The future of our partnership is very promising,” Cope asserted. “As NanoLumens expands operations and brings on even larger scale and more complex orders we will rely even more on PartnerTech’s manufacturing expertise.”
PartnerTech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PartnerTech AB of Sweden. The company, which employs almost 1,400 employees at plants in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, the UK, the United States and China, develops and manufactures products on behalf of leading businesses in the market areas of Defense and Maritime, Industry, Information Technology, MedTech & Instrumentation, CleanTech and Point of Sale Applications.