Stampede Strengthens Field Sales And Warehouse Operations To Meet The Needs Of A Growing Customer Base


Projecting a 2014 rate of growth that will exceed its growth in 2013, Stampede Presentation Products, Inc. today announced the opening of a new field sales office in Seattle, Washington and plans to open its first southwest field sales office in Phoenix, Arizona by the end of Q1 2014. The two new offices join the company’s other field sales offices located in Amherst, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida; and Columbus, Ohio.
At the same time, Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly said that its existing Phoenix, Arizona warehouse operations center has tripled in size and its recently opened Atlanta, Georgia center was operating at near capacity and likely to be expanded in the new year.
“In 2013, Stampede shipped more than 600,000 packages to 11,000 dealers throughout North America,” Kelly said today. “We set a new weekly record of more than 27,000 packages! And we expect to break both of these milestones in 2014. Clearly, we must, and will, make the necessary investments in our field sales and operations support centers to keep pace with our growth.”
According to Kelly, the opening of new field sales offices in Seattle, Washington and Phoenix, Arizona effectively provides the company with a 100% nationwide coverage of its dealer network that will result in a significant increase in in-market sales contacts and product training. The expansion of its Phoenix, Arizona warehouse and expected expansion of its Atlanta, Georgia warehouse will further strengthen Stampede’s ability to rapidly deliver products anywhere in North America.
“This year marks the fifth straight year of record-breaking growth for Stampede, and in many respects 2013 stands out as unique,” Kelly emphasized. “We’ve added 20 new product lines to our portfolio of offerings, including several entirely new core technology platforms that drive sales of traditional AV products. In addition, all three of our core categories of products —projectors, unified communications and displays— dramatically increased in sales.”