Drones Will Modernize the Healthcare Industry, Says Stampede President Kevin Kelly

The drone revolution that’s sweeping the globe is revolutionizing every commercial market and the healthcare industry is no exception, asserts Kevin Kelly, President & COO of Stampede, North America’s leading provider of ProAV solutions. With high-speed capabilities and the latest telecommunication technology, drones have the capacity to help save lives on an unprecedented scale, modernizing how emergency situations are handled in both individual and community-wide cases. 

“The healthcare industry is under pressure to modernize and update just about every area of its operations, from the delivery of new treatment protocols to record management to assisting in case-by-case emergency situations,” Kelly said. “Drones will play a major role in modernizing healthcare in ways that we are just starting to understand.”

Drones are already being tested in the medical field with the delivery of vaccines, medications and supplies to remote locations. Matternet, a smart drone transportation manufacturer, conducted its first field trials in Haiti by successfully delivering small packages to a camp devastated by the 2010 earthquake that brought the country to its knees. “This one instance proved that drones have significant implications in the delivery of medicine,” Kelly said. “When road vehicles cannot reach a devastated area, drones can be used to bring medicine and supplies to people in need.”  

Global drone use in the medical field is spreading. According to Quartz, the World Health Organization and the government of Bhutan teamed up with Matternet this year to build a network of low-cost quadcopters to connect the country’s main hospitals with rural communities. “With only .3 physicians per 1,000 people, healthcare is a serious problem for the Bhutanese population,” Kelly said. “Matternet’s quadcopters can carry loads of up to four pounds across 20 km at a time, which makes a substantial difference in delivering medicine to the community.”

Drones have also been tested for use in individual emergency situations. In the Netherlands, Alec Momont, an engineering student at TU Delft in Delft, designed an “ambulance drone” specifically developed to combat the high mortality rate of cardiac arrest victims. According to Slate, the “ambulance drone” is capable of traveling at speeds up to 60 mph, and is fully equipped with an on-board camera, which allows a remote operator to talk to a victim and provide emergency instructions to whoever is with the victim on the ground. “According to Momont, a drone’s speedy response time and on-scene assistance capabilities could increase cardiac arrest survival rates to more than 80 percent,” Kelly emphasized. “And that’s a significant number.”

While the FAA has not yet extensively tested medical drone use in the United States, they are in the process of developing standards and guidelines for the safe and legal use of drones in commercial applications, in ways that do not violate an individual’s right to privacy, says Kelly.

“When approved, drones will have the ability to serve as life-saving and life-giving resource for a healthcare industry increasingly challenged to find new, safe, and cost-effective ways to deliver much needed medicine to remote locations, gather data needed to assist medical personnel in an unfolding crisis, and provide information to an individual trying to assist someone in need,” Kelly said. “In a very real way, drones are just what the doctor ordered to help modernize the global healthcare industry.” 

Stampede and Vidyo Introduce Drone-Based Video Conferencing Solution at InfoComm 2015

Demonstrating its singular ability to take video conferencing to a whole new level of effectiveness for a wide variety of customers involved in law enforcement, security, first responders, and emergency communications, Stampede (www.stampedeglobal.com), North America’s leading provider of custom configured ProAV solutions, today announced it was teaming up with Vidyo, Inc. (www.vidyo.com), a leader in visual communications and collaboration, to introduce drone-based video conferencing at InfoComm 2015. See a video of the drone in action

According to Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly, Stampede will introduce a single integrated solution that combines drones; Vidyo software; video management systems, displays, and connectivity; consulting services; and training into a single one-stop-shop solution for ProAV dealers.  “According to a recent survey of risk managers conducted by Munich RE, in fewer than five years the use of drones could become common practice for 40 percent of all businesses, which means that drone-based video conferencing is going to emerge as an important new element in video communications,” Kelly said today.  “Drones connected to Vidyo endpoint software will now be able to feed live images into a video conference, providing up-to-the-minute video content for participants who need real-time information during a fast changing event or situation.”

Underscoring the readiness of the market to accept drone based video conferencing Eran Westman, CEO of Vidyo, noted that, “The VidyoWorksTM software platform affords the flexibility to integrate with off-the-shelf video-enabled devices like drones, medical telemetry equipment, and smart glasses, and connect quality video streams over wireless Internet connections with a diverse set of endpoints, from handheld mobile devices in the field to multiscreen situation rooms for command and control.  Vidyo integrated with drones is already being used today by a national fire brigade. We are also working closely with police, EMTs, emergency responders, and internal communications agencies to help them enhance their current video conferencing capabilities with live images from drones that have an analog or digital video out from their base station, serving as the camera for Vidyo endpoint software.  We believe the Stampede offering using Vidyo technology will help to drive the demand for drone based video conferencing throughout North America from the very same type of customers.”

The two companies will be showcasing the new solution with a demonstration and presentation at InfoComm 2015. It will be exhibited and demonstrated by Stampede and Vidyo video conference experts at both the Stampede booth on the main show floor (#1759) and the Stampede booth located with in the Stampede-Unmanned Vehicle University sponsored Drone Pavilion (#7042).  

“Incorporating drone fed video and images into a video conferencing system represents the next great advance in the functional utility of the entire video conferencing platform,” Kelly stressed today.  “Stampede is proud to partner with Vidyo to make this solution available to customers throughout North America.”

Stampede and Unmanned Vehicle University Partner with InfoComm to Create the Unmanned Systems and Drone Pavilion at InfoComm 2015

The practical uses of unmanned aerial vehicles in hundreds of different commercial market applications is fully and completely addressed for the very first time in the ProAV industry with Stampede (www.stampedeglobal.com) and Unmanned Vehicle University’s (www.uxvuniversity.com) sponsorship of the first Unmanned Systems and Drone Pavilion at InfoComm 2015. The pavilion is located Orange County Convention Center atBooth #7042.

 “The use of drones in a wide variety of commercial applications is rapidly advancing to include 3D terrain mapping, oil and gas exploration, remote monitoring, aerial agricultural observation, news gathering, security, search and rescue, law enforcement, and hundreds of other applications,” said Kevin Kelly, President & COO of Stampede.  “As a forward looking industry association, InfoComm understands the urgent need to present the full capabilities of this new technology, along with the enormous business opportunities this technology is creating for InfoComm members.  We are proud that they have chosen to partner with Stampede and Unmanned Vehicle University for the industry’s first Drone Pavilion at InfoComm 2015.”

The Unmanned Systems and Drone Pavilion features an enclosed drone-cage presentation area where exhibitors demonstrate their technology and discuss the ways that drones are being incorporated into current ProAV projects.

More than a dozen information rich presentation sessions will take place over a three day period from June 17 to June 19and will include sessions on UVU’s Unmanned Systems and Drone Fundamentals Overview, Wireless Video Transmission from Aerial Platforms to the Operations Center, The Drone/Unmanned Systems Business Opportunity for ProAV Integrators, Energy Industry Applications Overview, 3D Mapping with Drones, UAS/Drone Case Study Panel, Law Enforcement/Security/Public Safety Applications, Large Sporting and Entertainment Event Coverage, Aerial Cinematography/Real Estate Markets, Drone-Vertising:  Using Drones to Deliver Marketing Messages, and Parcel/Package/Medical Supplies/Equipment Delivery.

“The rapid and widespread adoption of drones by business owners around the world is going to very quickly become a massive job creation engine,” Unmanned Vehicle University Provost John Minor said today.  “But education and training is absolutely critical to sustaining this engine over the long term and that’s precisely where our university’s strategic partnership with Stampede really becomes compellingly clear.  Together, Stampede and UVU are providing industry with the platforms, the education and the training required to safely profit from incorporating drones into their individual businesses or to start up new businesses using drone technology.”

Stampede Introduces xFold Ultra-Professional sUAV Drones at InfoComm 2015

Demonstrating its unique ability to offer the ProAV industry’s most complete line of state-of-the-art market specific unmanned aerial vehicles, Stampede (www.stampedeglobal.com) today announced the market introduction of xFold (www.xfoldrig.com) — the strongest and most advanced multi-rotor sUAV drone platforms ever developed for top level aerial work in film and television production. xFold will be showcased at INFOCOMM 2015 in Booth #1759 on the main show floor and Booth #7042 in the Drone Pavilion sponsored by Stampede and Unmanned Vehicle University. 

According to Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly, three specific xFold drones are being unveiled at INFOCOMM 2015. “The xFoldline of multi-rotor sUAVs offers professionals involved in top level aerial work with a complete range of options across a broad price range,” Kelly emphasized today.  “The xFold platform has been proven to be extremely reliable and effective in major motion pictures, television shows, and commercials, and now they are available to customers all across the country through our dealer network. It is completely appropriate to make this introduction at INFOCOMM 2015 — the industry’s largest gathering ProAV professionals and systems integrators." 

According to TJ Diaz, President & CEO of xFold, “This introduction of the xFold line through Stampede joins together the world’s best multi-rotor sUAV platforms with the world’s best channel sales team in North America.  I believe that this partnership will help to bring the benefits of our technology to more commercial markets, faster.” 

While xFold offers a complete line of multi-rotor sUAV platforms to choose from, Kelly said that Stampede would be focusing its efforts on marketing the company’s new line of full-featured ultra-professional RTF/ARF sUAV solutions for the commercial AP marketplace.  The XFold Mapper is ideally designed for every type of surveying, inspection, and mapping application.  The xFold Cinema, which features 3D scanners, is designed for high-end feature film and television production.  The xFold Dragon is for real heavy lift and features dual RED EPIC for 3D, fully rigged ARRI ALEXA, heavy scanners (LIDAR), and several sensor options.  Each frame can be configured as Quadcopter, Hexacopter, x8 Octocopter and x12.

The xFold line of sUAVs is so appropriate for the entertainment production industry because the core rig was designed by company co-founder Ziv Marom (www.ZMinteractive.com), an experienced sUAV pilot and cinematographer with years of experience in aerial video and cinematography for feature films that include Expendables 3, HomeFront, Sparks, documentaries, television and other applications.

According to Kelly, xFold’s founders Ziv Marom and TJ Diaz will be demonstrating the xFold product line all during INFOCOMM 2015. What’s more, the drones will be operational in a specially constructed Fly Cage on Wednesday, June 17 at 9:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and 3:00 PM; Thursday, June 18 at 10:30 AM,2:30 PM, 3:30 PM; and Friday, June 19 at 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and 1:30 PM.

The Calgary Stampede Adds Two New Mobile NanoLumens NanoSlim® 6MM LED Display Solutions

Anyone who has ever been to the Calgary Stampede knows it is an experience they will never forget. That’s because they and the approximately 1.2 million visitors the event — held annually since 1923 in the largest city in Canada’s Alberta province — draws each year are immersed in the largest rodeo in the world. Billed as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” the 10-day event held every July in the venue known as the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Center features parades, stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions and specialty events such as chuck-wagon racing, as well as typical rodeo events such as calf roping and bull riding. 

This year, the Calgary Stampede will also feature something totally new that will add to excitement the stampede generates — two NanoLumensNanoSlim 6MM 16 X 9 HD LED display platforms, assuring grandstand crowds in the Agrium Western Center venue of the Stampede that they won’t miss a single moment of the show. The portable NanoSlim displays will be moved to various locations within the venue, depending upon the type of events taking place any given day or night. Effortlessly suspended from a beam above the ground, the NanoSlim will portray live video, graphics and programmed information in a bright, easily visible image. These same screens will be used throughout the rest of the year, supporting conventions, expos and other events that make the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Center one of the busiest event venues in Canada. 

“We did a lot of research for LED displays, because the Calgary Stampede has very specific needs that have to be addressed,” explains Mark Muench (RTPM), Events Services Manager for the Calgary Stampede. “I looked around and saw that NanoLumens displays were in a lot of the same kinds of major venues as the Calgary Stampede, such as Cleveland’s International Exposition Center.  Also, weight was a crucial consideration for us, because the displays would have to be hung in multiple locations in the venue. The NanoLumens solutions were less than 500 pounds per rigging point, which was the lightest weight of any display available. So these screens were easy to hang and to move, offered excellent brightness, and were extremely cost effective. That made NanoLumens an easy choice.” Muench was even more delighted once he experienced NanoLumens’ customer service, from NanoLumens’ Quebec office, which he described as fast and responsive. 

While the Calgary Stampede is still several months away, the two new NanoLumens displays are already getting a workout at convention and expo events taking place at the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Center. Since March of this year, they’ve drawn compliments from event attendees for their brightness, vividness and visibility. “They were used for the Calgary Comic Expo recently and we had a chance to compare the NanoLumens LED displays to a projector and screen they also used for that event, and there was no comparison,” says Muench. “The NanoLumens displays simply look phenomenal. The 6MM pixel pitch offers excellent resolution. They were just what we needed to capture the excitement of the Stampede, or any event here.”