Neurona Selects Stampede To Launch Its New Line of Products


Underscoring its ability to always ride ahead of the herd in the ProAV industry, Stampede Presentation Products, Inc. today announced that leading network solutions provider Neurona has appointed it to serve as the exclusive United States distributor of its Neurona AX501 ConnectedLife Adapter, which features Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.’s, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, Powerline™ technology.

According to Stampede President and COO Kevin Kelly, the selection by Neurona means that Stampede will introduce the ProAV industry’s very first adapter with Powerline technology. “We are proud to take the lead in introducing a remarkable new technology that the entire ProAV industry can benefit from. Stampede was selected for this important assignment because of our demonstrated ability to quickly integrate new technologies into AV/IT systems that bring real value to end-user customers.”

The Neurona AX501 leverages the reliability of power line technology to ensure that each home is equipped with high-fidelity broadband. Powerline solutions use a home’s existing electrical system to share broadband, essentially turning an outlet into a connection point. Powerline solutions deliver fast and reliable Internet connection between devices. By plugging a Powerline adapter into an Internet router, and a second adapter near a TV, gaming system, computer or set-top box, you easily deliver Internet connectivity to these devices.

The Neurona AX501 enables multiple devices to connect to each other through a mutual network. By leveraging Powerline technology, the Neurona AX501 utilizes the home’s existing electronic wiring infrastructure to create a robust, whole-home communications network.

“The use of Powerline technology provides reliable coverage over considerable distances, resulting in the ideal combination of ease and efficiency,” Kelly said. “In addition, the Neurona AX501 is embedded with an advanced noise filter to offer a quick, seamless connection with no interruption.”

The Neurona AX501 enhances connectivity performance by leveraging all three of the home’s electrical wires: line, neutral and ground. This improves the overall performance by up to 50 percent when compared to the standard HomePlug adapter, which only utilizes line and neutral wires.

“The Neurona AX501 relies on the existing electrical wiring in a home so that users can share files, printers and Internet connections between multiple devices,” Kelly said. “It is so easy to set up and use. In fact, so easy that Neurona’s AX501 will connect with any HomePlug-AV compliant device right out of the box allowing the user to extend their network as needed.”

The AX501 operates on the HomePlug AV specification standard and is equipped with 128-bit AES security encryption. With a PHY rate of 500Mbps over Powerline and 10/100 Mbps over Ethernet, the AX501 is compatible with AC 100V to 240C 2-prong or 3-prong electrical outlets, depending on prong. Standing at 93mm x 56 mm x 40mm, the AX501 operates at a frequency band of 2MHz to 68MHz with an AC Wire distance of up to 300 meters.