Furman Helps Commercial Sound and Video Keep Its Clients' Systems Safe

Commercial Sound And Video has been building a business serving AV clients throughout Georgia, particularly houses of worship. Company founder and owner Nathan Miller says that Furman’s CN-2400 SmartSequencer™ is now a regular part of his recommended equipment lists. At the New Hope Baptist Church, in Atlanta, Commercial Sound And Video installed several CN-2400S units as part of a newly installed lighting system that consists of two Chauvet Ovation 165 LED Fresnels and a Chauvet Ovation 190 Ellipsoidal fixture. These bring dramatic lighting effects to the pulpit area and the CN-2400S units bring sequenced on and off functionality, protecting the church’s investment. In addition, a Furman CN-15MP Remote Power Relay Switch was installed on the lighting truss for remote power on/off of the lighting fixtures. 

At the Alpharetta First Baptist Church, Commercial Sound And Video installed two Furman CN-2400 SmartSequencers to protect newly installed Electro-Voice ZLX in-ceiling speakers in the church’s youth playroom. The CN-2400S allows anyone to operate the sound system there safely and with confidence by sequentially turning these self-powered speakers on and off.

“The Chauvet lights and the E-V speakers are top of the line in their categories, and no small investment on the part of these churches,” says Miller. “I always recommend that they make the relatively small additional investment in power protection and sequencing to protect the big investment. And the products we recommend to do that with are from Furman. The CN-2400S is reliable, simple to install, intuitive to program and easy to for end users to operate. It’s become out first choice for power protection.” 

Photos and a system diagram are available at: http://www.howavl.com/new-hope-baptist-perry.html