Ibis Bay Beach Resort Teams Up With Divers Direct to Offer A Selection of the Most Fun Water Sports in Key West

Emocean Club is happy to begin offering training programs for all varieties of water sports enthusiasts at Ibis Bay Beach Resort. Programs being offered will include lessons in swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, freediving, kayaking and yoga on paddleboards. Emocean Club training programs are recognized as providing high standards of customer service and training for these activities.

“Ibis Bay has always prided itself on offering visitors the most exciting array of water sports activities - more than any other resort in Key West,” said owner, Chris Holland.  “Adding Divers Direct to our portfolio of Ibis Bay Fun Desk activities will make our resort that much more of the go-to source for all water sports enthusiasts.”

“We want Emocean Club to set the highest standards of safety and fun when it comes to the water sports training programs we offer. Whether our customers are taking a snorkel lesson with us or becoming a fully certified Emocean SCUBA diver, they graduate when they are comfortable with their equipment and ready to have fun exploring the aquatic world!” Darcy Kieran, President of Divers Direct.

Key West Store Manager, Kelly Rabe has been with Divers Direct for 18 years and living in Key West since 2007. Rabe who is overjoyed at the partnership says: “Ibis Bay is a tropical paradise of palm trees and warm, clear water -- it’s a perfect setting for any water sports enthusiast and we are excited to introduce Emocean training programs to the beach resort.”