Trident Introduces Broad New Line of Mobile Device Cases at CES 2014


Underscoring its commitment to provide superior protection for the widest range of mobile devices and usage scenarios, Trident Case® last week unveiled a broad new range of solutions designed to deliver profits to dealers, excitement to consumers, and fear to its competition. According to Erin Luzzi, Trident Case Vice President of Marketing, Trident leads the mobile device accessory industry through its rapid product expansion and consistent product refreshes to capitalize on consumer design trends.

“We are introducing the next generation of mobile device cases that measure 10-30 percent slimmer, feature large scratch-resistant print-friendly surfaces, and incorporate new ergonomics,” Luzzi said today.  “What’s more, we are introducing a new series of medical- and industrial-grade tablet cases that feature the same polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer commonly used in medical equipment and hospitals.”


In short, according to Luzzi, Trident Case is beefing up its solutions while removing thickness and weight. “And we’re doing this while meeting a military standard for performance in most cases,” she explained.

The company introduced entirely new models of its Kraken A.M.S., Cyclops, Aegis and Apollo series along with the first two models of its new Medical Series and Industrial Series, as well as new custom printing options for Aegis cases. “New materials, new options and more choices — these are the hallmarks of our 2014 product line.”

In addition, the company unveiled an entire line of cases that reflect the design styles of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, an American professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, wrestler and actor, and former UFC light heavyweight champion and PRIDE middleweight champion.  The Rampage Edition products were introduced as part of the new Kraken A.M.S. Series cases that debuted at the show.

Responding to current trends, Trident also introduced several case designs through a partnership with Today I Can Do Anything™ (TICDA), a motivational apparel designer.  Several Trident series will include models with unique designs that include TICDA’s logo and inspirational messages such as “Never Say Never” and “Today I Can Do Anything”.

The CES 2014 introduction of the new Trident Case lineup comes as the three-year-old company is growing and expanding at a dramatic rate. The company has increased the size of its southern California footprint from 2,000 square feet to more than 100,000 square feet over the last three years and has announced plans to locate up to 75 percent of its product manufacturing in San Bernardino County, California by the end of 2014.

Luzzi emphasized that Trident Case is growing so rapidly because it offers the best product in its category. “Our advantages include eco-friendly materials, Made In U.S.A. manufacturing, military-level testing for the toughest device protection available, a vast product catalog that provides varying levels of protection for today’s most popular mobile devices, and finally the adaptability and flexibility of our cases, which include attachments, multi-part cases and customizable colors and case printing options,” she said.


Luzzi asserted that the macro trends shaping the global mobile device market point the way to sustained growth for the company. She notes that more than 60 percent of mobile phone users in the United States now use smartphones and more than 1 billion smartphones are currently activated around the globe. At the same time, global tablet shipments are projected to surpass global PC and laptop shipments combined in 2015.

“And every single one of these smartphones and tablets needs one or more cases to enhance and protect them,” she said. “Trident Case provides an unmatched array of choices in design, style, color and layers of protection while using materials that are entirely eco-friendly. We stand at a major inflection point in our company’s growth.”