Advanced Puts Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery In Control Of 32 Video Displays And Projectors


There are plenty of electronics integrators that can install an A/V system, but it takes a team of seasoned pros like the experts at Advanced to design a system that takes 32 video displays, 12 video feeds and eight audio zones and makes the whole system easy enough for anybody to operate with minimal training.
According to Patrick Murphy, owner of the Richmond Hill Tilted Kilt franchisee, the Crestron-controlled A/V system designed and installed by Advanced has given them a leg up on the intense local competition and helped the restaurant follow through on the Tilted Kilt’s corporate mantra of catering to every client.
“Richmond Hill has a very vibrant restaurant and bar community, one of the most competitive in Toronto, but with our state-of-the-art AV systems there’s no one else like us here,” Murphy said. “Our new system allows us to cater to each guests’ taste, just as we do with our food and drink menu. In addition to the huge projection screens and TVs throughout the restaurant, we have a nine-screen videowall by the bar that can show a single video feed or six different feeds. With both the NFL and NHL in full swing right now, there are always several sporting events that our guests want to see.
“But even better than the TVs themselves is the technology that allows us to play any channel on any TV with the push of a button. It saves us so much time and frustration compared with the old system where each TV had its own remote, and the pros at Advanced even configured it so the system asks ‘Are you sure?’ when we make a change, to avoid accidental input or changes. This way we can make sure that we change the correct TV to the correct channel at the correct time, and not accidentally interrupt when guests are watching the final seconds of an important game.”
Indeed, the Crestron control system that controls the restaurant is the centerpiece of an AV installation that includes two HD projection systems, seven wall-mounted 60” Sharp LED TVs, 11 46” HDTVs, three Sunbrite 46” TVs in the outdoor patio area, and the main attraction — a 138” videowall that comprises nine 46” ultra-thin NEC displays adjacent to the main bar. The video components are supported by eight audio zones with independent level control. All the displays and audio zones can play content from 11 satellite TV boxes, the Tilted Kilt TV promotional video server and a background music server.
According to Advanced General Manager of Systems Integration Omar Prashad, managing the large, complex A/V system is as simple for Tilted Kilt employees as setting their DVR at home.
“The technology available today makes it easier and more affordable than ever to implement a broad video and audio distribution system,” Prashad said. “At Advanced our mission is to deliver above and beyond every client’s expectations, and that even includes free follow up training if they have questions about using their new systems. We leave our clients with zero doubts and ensure that everything works exactly as they expect it to.”

To access the system, Murphy relies on two permanently installed touchpanels, one in the bar area and another in the dining area, to control the AV system. He decided not to use iPads as control devices because the permanent in-wall touch panels can’t get stolen, can’t be dropped, and don’t need to be recharged because they are always on.