Stampede Unveils New DemoPad Controller




 Stampede Presentation Products, Inc., North America’s largest high value added Pro AV distributor, today unveiled the new CENTRO 8 control processor for the DemoPad control system. According to Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly, the introduction of the CENTRO 8 makes DemoPad an extremely attractive control solution for dealers and end-users by simplifying installation and providing highly customizable GUIs to satisfy the unique needs of each project.

“We’re excited to present the expanded DemoPad solution to installers seeking high-quality, high-margin control solutions in the constantly evolving control market,” Kelly said today. “Not only does DemoPad’s software solution offer flexible, customizable control GUIs, but it also allows installers to integrate all key AV elements into the control system, generating opportunities for additional sales of complimentary hardware, such as matrix switchers and IR controllers sourced from other vendors. As we enter the era of ‘The Internet of Things’, DemoPad is leading the way in simplified integration and is aggressively expanding its dealer network throughout North America.”

The CENTRO 8 control processor is a 19" rack mount unit designed to provide two way communication and control of a variety of equipment via an array of input and output ports. Primarily a network device, the CENTRO features a powerful processor board capable of communicating with Apple iOS and Android control interfaces and running complex custom macros and schedules across a network with remote access capability.

The IP-based DemoPad solution sends control signals to Wi-Fi connected devices, so it works equally well with TVs, amplifiers, projectors or blinds that are not IP enabled, which installers can integrate through alternative methods such as IR or RS-232 with affordable IP gateways. DemoPad works with literally 1000s of devices, allowing users to integrate existing products with new devices seamlessly.

The intuitive DemoPad custom design software, available exclusively to DemoPad Certified Installers, enables integrators to create a completely customized interface for the end-user. This programmed custom interface is then uploaded and paired to a DemoPad end-user app, which is purchased through the Apple store or Android Play market, allowing integrators to easily create bespoke systems for each customer and then upload complete control solutions to as many smartphones or tablets as required.

Operating on a network, the CENTRO 8 is the heart of an automation system. It monitors connected devices and listens to requests from Apple iOS and selected Android hand held devices. It provides feedback as to current status of all connected devices (subject to device compatibility) and can receive and store scheduled requests for a variety of tasks including lighting dusk until dawn controls, access control and security arm / disarm, to more simple 'turn TV on' at a set time.

The CENTRO 8 has a built in web server and can store a local copy of the DemoPad project for retrieval or upload to a new device.

The CENTRO 8 features 16 individually addressable IR ports, so using a suitable HD-BaseT Matrix with IR pass through, integrators can simply use jack to jack leads (supplied) from the first eight IR ports into the corresponding IR ports on the matrix. Then at the balun end, a jack to IR bud completes the control loop to enable IR control from iOS and Android devices in each zone, with no additional hardware required. The remaining eight IR ports on the CENTRO 8 are typically used in conjunction with the four RS232 ports to control source equipment located in the rack.

System specifications include:

- Control processor with 4GB internal program memory
- External 12v Power Supply
- 2 x USB general purpose connector ports
- 1 x RJ45 LAN 10/100 Ethernet port
- 1 x HDMI output 1 x Stereo audio out jack
- 4 x Bi-Directional RS232 communication ports
- 8 x Digital Input ports (volt free operation)
- 4 x Low Voltage- 16 x Infra Red output ports (individually addressable)
- Built in HTTP/HTTPS web server and timers for scheduling