Trident Case® Expands Most Popular Series To Protect Apple® iPad Air 2!

In its effort to provide mobile device owners with the most protective cases for the latest mobile devices, Trident Case® today announced the expansion of its Kraken A.M.S and Cyclops series to protect the new Apple® iPad Air 2.

“We are excited to expand our toughest and most durable cases to protect Apple’s newest products,” Trident Vice President of Marketing, Vickie Achee stated. “Trident is determined to continue providing the best protection for all of the latest technology. With the most secure cases on the market, our customers can rest assured that their new devices will be able to withstand everything from brutal conditions to everyday wear-and-tear.”

The Kraken A.M.S. series offers Trident’s maximum level of protection for the iPad Air 2, constructed with polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) to provide dual layer protection that includes a permanent screen protector to prevent scratches. These ultra-tough cases meet the Military Standard MIL-STD-810F for protection from drops, dust, rain, sand and vibration.

The Kraken A.M.S. case is fully adaptable to any lifestyle, as it includes a twist-and-lock attachment port at the back of the case that supports a variety of accessories such as the A.M.S. Tablet Stand and dozens of mounts from Arkon. New iPad owners can enjoy the convenience of mounting their device on any type of surface, including desks, dashboards, car headrests and more.

The Cyclops series is constructed with polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) to provide dual layer protection. Cyclops cases feature a built-in, scratch resistant screen protector to keep out dirt and moisture, while TPE plugs cover power ports and audio jacks to protect the tablet from dust and debris. The bio-enhanced plastic construction makes the case 100 percent eco-friendly by being degradable, compostable, and recyclable.

The Kraken A.M.S. and Cyclops series will debut in black, blue, pink, green and white. Both series are available online at now.