Panama City Classroom Makes WHOOSH!® Screen Shine An Every Day School Supply!

At Deer Point Elementary School in Panama City, Florida, teacher Will Weatherly invested in a full-proof solution to keep students healthy and classroom tablets clean. After years of teaching, Weatherly knows that dirty tablet and computer screens make for a very “germy” situation that’s unhealthy for students, teachers and families. So, he turned to WHOOSH!® Screen Shine – an all-new, non-toxic Screen Shine solution that’s proven to keep screens clean while leaving a nano-thin, invisible layer that resists dirt build-up, smudges and fingerprints.

“I depend on WHOOSH! Screen Shine to keep our classroom tablets clean and shining like new,” Weatherly said. “We use WHOOSH! twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. So far, none of my students have been sick!”

In Weatherly’s class of nine children, each student has their own Apple® iPad device along with a caddy of the usual classroom items like scissors, pens, and markers. Now, it also includes WHOOSH! Screen Shine.

“Each student has their own bottle of WHOOSH!. They spray Screen Shine onto the screen and wipe it down with the micro-fiber antimicrobial cloth,” Weatherly said. “I completely trust that WHOOSH! is safe for them to use.”

“Tech hygiene”, says Weatherly, is a growing concern as the “Bring Your Own Device” practice becomes increasingly more prevalent in K-12 classrooms. Tablets, used frequently in classrooms around the world, carry a significant amount of germs. Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the University of London indicates that 82 percent of mobile phones have some form of bacterial contamination.  Like washing your hands, keeping your screens and devices clean is necessary to help maintain good cleanliness and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

“Teachers swear by it, kids have fun spraying it, and parents are purchasing it. WHOOSH! does a phenomenal job taking care of the screens,” Weatherly added. “I recommend it for every classroom.”

WHOOSH! Screen Shine® is made with non-toxic, surfactants as opposed to harsh chemicals, making it entirely classroom-friendly. WHOOSH! does not contain alcohol, acids, ammonia, chlorine, petroleum distillates, phosphates or volatile organic compounds, meaning that parents and teachers need not to worry about any “uh-oh” accidents when left in the hands of students.

The solution cleans dirty screens and leaves an ultra-thin invisible coating that resists dirt build-up, smudges, and fingerprints. This ensures that screens will remain clean – an added bonus during a busy school day.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is currently available in 3 sizes at Pocket (.3 fluid ounce) for $5.99, Go (1 fluid ounce) for $9.99, and Duo (one 3.4 fluid ounces and one .3 fluid ounce) for $19.99. All sizes come with a 6”x6” WHOOSH! micro-fiber antimicrobial cloth. WHOOSH! is currently available for sale in Apple retail stores, Fry’s Electronics, Adorama Camera and at many wireless stores across North America, as well as online at and

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is also available for the commercial, industrial, hospitality and education markets in a 24 fluid ounce bottle and a 5-gallon pail. WHOOSH! is currently available for the commercial market through various distributors including Stampede Presentation Products.