Key West Flats Fishing is Just Outside Your Door When You Stay at the Ibis Bay Beach Resort!

Flats fishermen only need to check out one place in Key West for the best access to the island’s plentiful bay — the IBIS BAY Beach Resort! Guests with flats boats have direct access to the resort’s private boat ramp, which happens to be the only boat ramp on the bay in Key West. It puts flats fishing just outside the door for anyone who stays at the beautiful trendy resort, and there are even special Fish Camp rooms with maritime decorations and outdoor cleaning stations — perfect for guests who enjoy casting a line on the open sea!

Over the last two years the resort has seen a multi-million dollar renovation that includes redesigned rooms, new furnishings, new landscaping, and the opening of the fresh-as-it-gets Stoned Crab restaurant that specializes in stone crab dishes.  IBIS BAY has quickly become a favorite among travelers and locals and is already having a big impact on the local community through the many events and fundraisers it hosts.  As the island’s only beach resort to embrace Key West’s Cuban history, IBIS BAY stands alone as both a resort and a destination.  Owner Chris Holland is all about authentic travel, and he has fused the island’s classic 1950s style with 21st century comforts to create a fun, unique Key West destination.

“We don’t want to be the Ritz Carlton,” Holland emphasized, “and have that hotel chain sameness because it’s so boring!  We’re looking to provide travelers with a unique experience that allows them to enjoy the Key West of the 1950s while utilizing the advantages of modern technology to ensure a pleasant and fun-packed stay.   The Fish Camp and our exclusive private boat dock are tailored specifically to flats fishermen, and only flats boats can get into the water on our beautiful shallow bay.  Ibis Bay is basically an untapped fishing spot, so the amount of wildlife here is truly incredible and can make for an amazing day or weekend trip for flats fishermen.”

Theon-site Stoned Crab restaurant offers a true boat-to-table seafood experience with daily deliveries of fresh stone crab, lobster and other locally caught delicacies that go right from the restaurant’s dock to the kitchen. Located on the property of IBIS BAY, the restaurant has been a big hit with locals and visitors who love dining on the freshest seafood in town.

“People say that Key West is like no other place on Earth, and IBIS BAY Beach Resort is like no other place in Key West,” Holland said.  “Since I took over the Blue Lagoon and turned it into IBIS BAY we’ve made incredible improvements and progress, creating a truly unique destination that has everything a traveler could ask for, from the gorgeous beaches and ocean views to the updated rooms, friendly service and stellar dining. Whether you’re going on a family vacation, a honeymoon retreat or a weekend fishing trip, Ibis Bay is the place to stay!”