Trident Case® Launches Medical/Industrial Series To Protect and Secure Apple® iPads

Furthering its commitment to provide custom designed case solutions for every professional user environment, Trident Case® announces the introduction of its Medical/Industrial Series, a new line of rugged iPad® cases that is designed to protect and secure Apple® iPads in every type of medical, healthcare, or industrial environment.

“I am honored to introduce the Trident Medical/Industrial Series,” Vice President of Marketing Vickie Achee said today. “Trident is committed to protecting and securing technology in the most challenging of conditions. Our Medical/Industrial Series of cases are tailored to the needs of professionals working in healthcare and factory environments where users need the strongest possible protection against drops, spills and chemicals.”

Designed with convenience in mind, the series consists of two models. Case 1 features a sleek exterior with a rubberized edge for improved grip, while Case 2 adds a rubberized handle that enables a secure grip and easy tablet mobility. Both cases completely seal the tablets with an inner layer of shock-absorbing silicone and an outer layer of hardened polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer. All Medical and Industrial Series cases include strap loops for attaching a shoulder strap, sold separately.

The Medical/Industrial Series is designed to protect iPads in the most severe conditions, as the series features a chemical robustness property suited to repel oleic acid, rubbing alcohol, sweat, and household cleaners commonly used in medical facilities. They are also tested for superior cold environment drop toughness, ensuring that tablets will not suffer from temperature damage. And in order to provide optimum protection, the Series meets the Military Standard MIL-STD-810F, with features like waterproof dust filters, glass lenses and sealed ports, so professionals need not worry about damaging their iPad while on the job.

Additionally, the new series features an attachment port that is compatible with all Trident AMS and Arkon attachments. Arkon Mounts securely stabilize the cases to any surface, whether it be a moving cart, the arm of a chair or a forklift. Each series also has slots to attach an adjustable padded nylon shoulder strap, sold separately.

The Medical/Industrial Series also includes patent-pending sound channel redirecting technology that targets the sound directly to the user instead of out from the bottom of the iPad.

Case 1 is available for Apple New iPad at, retailing for $79.95. Case 1 and Case 2 willbe available for the Apple iPad Air in the near future for $79.95 and $89.95 respectively. Compatible shoulder straps are available immediately for $19.95. Additional accessories and mounts can be found on the website as well.