Granite District Preschools Change The Meaning of "Hands On Learning" With Interactive Tablets Protected by Trident Kraken AMS Series Cases!


Like many schools throughout the country, the Granite District in Salt Lake City, Utah is incorporating tablets into their daily lessons. However, when the students using these tablets are only three to five years old, the importance of protecting these tablets becomes a paramount concern!

Within the school system, children are given the opportunity to learn with innovative technology. Thanks to the Trident Kraken AMS Series of cases, teachers are able to incorporate tablets into lesson plans with confidence, knowing the devices are protected against everyday mishaps and expensive accidents.  

Tablets are revolutionizing the way educators conduct lessons within the classroom. Preschool teachers have always used hands on learning   techniques to keep children’s attentive and motivated to learn. Adding the element of technology into this equation has only enhanced children’s interest about various topics.

“Tablets are a huge investment to make in a classroom of three to five year olds,” Granite District Preschool Coordinator, Bridget Chiazzese stated. “Leaving them unprotected is a recipe for disaster. Trident is the single reason the tablets are now in the students’ hands.”

Primarily in the Granite District, iPads are being used for small group lessons and throughout their learning centers. Subjects such as pre-writing, math and pre-literacy are the main focus of the tablet engaging activities, and the students love it!

“The children are definitely excited and engaged when information is presented on a tablet,” Chiazzese explained. “Some of the kids literally cheer during pre-writing lessons when they are able to correctly write a letter. I have never seen such enthusiasm during the lesson that was previously completed on paper.”

This overzealous enthusiasm is not the only encouraging aspect of tablet use in preschools. Each child is able to work through a subject at his or her own pace and skill level, creating an amplified, one-on-one atmosphere even in a group setting. Technology within the preschool system is benefitting students as they launch into their next phase of education, giving them a leg up when entering elementary schools. As e-books and other learning apps are incorporated more frequently in K-12 schools, it’s important to allow every student the opportunity to work on tablets and prepare them for the digital demands of the future.

“Many students in our classrooms do not have access to technology at home, so the tablets are a huge asset,” Chiazzese said. “School is one of the only places some students are able to explore and learn with technology, so it’s great to finally have the protection needed to use the devices daily."