Furman Protects the Past and the Future at Sanford Stadium

Named for Dr. S. V. Sanford, former president of the University and Chancellor of the University system, Georgia's Sanford Stadium celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2014. When the season opened this year a capacity crowd filled its 92,746 seats, a far cry from its original capacity of 30,000 when it was built in 1929.

While much has changed at Sanford Stadium over the decades, what hasn’t is the need for the school to be vigilant when it comes to managing the costs of a behemoth venue like this. As part of the stadium’s most recent round of AV systems upgrades — which included a new Danley Jericho point-source sound system in the stadium bowl and a new LED video wall in its practice facility — new Furman power management products were included in the systems design, to protect these and other new and costly AV platforms and help take Sanford Stadium closer to its 100th anniversary.

In the stadium’s 50 Sky Suites, where audio, video and radio inputs are available through a complex digital audio networking system, audio is protected by a pair of Furman PL-PRO Classic Series Power Conditioners. The Classic Series brings together superior protection and outstanding performance in a sturdy, rack-mountable design, and features Furman’s revolutionary Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP), Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS). Together, these technologies comprise what is without question one of the world's most advanced and comprehensive transient-voltage surge suppressors. In addition, the installation employs a Furman 20 Amp Series II Power Conditioner, offering features including a 20-amp rating with ultra-high inrush capable magnetic circuit breaker, front-panel master power switch protected by hinged panel to prevent accidental power off , and zero ground contamination circuitry assures delivery of pure AC, as well as the benefits of SMP, LiFT ad EVS. 

“We deployed the Furman power protection and management products in the Sky Suites and at the FOH mix position, all critical locations,” explains Pete Dugas, President of TSAV, the Athens, GA-based AV systems integrator that designed and installed the new systems at Sanford Stadium. “They deliver clean power that protects the equipment and the school’s investment in it.” TSAV has relied on Furman for power conditioning and protection in many of the leading collegiate sports facilities it has done AV systems designs and work for, including the Auburn Arena at Auburn University and the Hawkins Arena at Mercer University. “The Furman technology is solid and reliable, which is why we use it consistently, across all of our market sectors. It’s not enough to put in excellent AV systems – you have to protect them, too, and that’s where Furman comes in.”