Campus Bookstore At Queen's University Goes Digital With Dual LCD Video Wall Installation By Advanced

To kick off the school year, the Campus Bookstore at Queen’s University needed a unique way to engage students. Reflecting the modern and fast-paced nature of the University, they turned to Advanced, Canada’s leading AV integrator, to envision and install two Orion 46” ultra narrow bezel seamless LCD video walls before the start of the fall semester.

“Advanced is honored to have been selected from a pool of eligible Canadian integrators to complete this exciting project,” Advanced President David Weatherhead said today. “We were able to supply two video walls that give the store infinitely more marketing and branding opportunities than a static sign ever could."

Campus Bookstore Director Chris Tabor wanted a video wall that is bright, colorful, and most importantly, energy efficient. The Orion narrow bezel seamless LCD video wall exceeded Tabor’s list of demands. With an LED backlight and LCD panels, the screen’s brightness and color are both high in consistency without requiring a lot of energy. In addition, the video wall’s image disperses across the unit with no drop off at the edges, resulting in a clean, clear visual.

“These video walls eliminate a great deal of paper-based communications, making it an eco-friendly investment,” Tabor said. “Plus, the entire system allows us to turn off the video walls to save energy, which was a vital factor in our decision making process.”

The Campus Bookstore’s two video walls sit in prime target areas to engage visitors. A smaller 5 x 1 video wall is mounted above the checkout area, and a larger 7 x 2 video wall is positioned in the middle of the bookstore, serving as a central focal point. Content on the larger video wall varies, often including historical photos of the University and an assortment of architectural images. Above the check out counter, the smaller video wall displays information on the store’s vendor partners or current inventory.

Tabor often coordinates with different student groups on campus to help them get the word out on respective events. “The video wall therefore replaces a bulletin board, and eliminates the role of paper. It’s eco-friendly, efficient and engaging,” Tabor emphasized.  

What’s more, store managers can change the content from behind the displays, with flexibility to either arrange the visual on either the wall’s individual 2 x 2 cubes, or stretched over the entire screen.

According to Tabor, the Campus Bookstore at Queen’s University has about one thousand students coming through per hour during the ‘busy season’ at the beginning of the year. “We knew a static sign wouldn’t do the trick in engaging a great number students,” Tabor said. “We’re absolutely thrilled with the final product. Both video walls are exciting and effective, which is exactly what we were looking for.”

For more photos of the installation, click here.