Sunfire Surround Sound And Professional Video Wall Make The Ultimate Home Theater


Video walls with multiple HD displays have become standard in many sports bars, hotel lobbies and shopping malls, and now they are making their way into luxury homes. At this oceanfront home in Laguna Beach, California, the owner combined a professional grade videowall comprising nine 46” NEC LED panels with a premium Sunfire® surround sound system to create the ultimate media room for movies, sports and TV.
According to Matt Kindle and Lenny Lekavich, owners of custom electronics company eHome Lifestyle Inc, the homeowner realized a nine panel videowall would be perfect for his home entertainment center after seeing one in a hotel. Working with a custom carpenter, eHome designed and installed the videowall and surround sound system to be perfectly integrated into the room. It features several top-of-the-line Sunfire Cinema ribbon speakers and wall-mounted Sunfire SubRosa subwoofers mounted into a custom frame that can pump out more than 8,000 watts of audiophile quality sound!
“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a videowall in a residence, and the owner absolutely loves it,” Kindle said. “From the amazing picture quality to the stunning sound, it really makes a phenomenal home viewing experience. In addition to the top-quality NEC panels and Sunfire audio system, we integrated this room into the home’s ELAN g! control system and the home’s distributed HD video system, which allows the owner to use an iPad to play a movie, or split the screen into a 2x2 92” screen surrounded by five separate 46” screens to show six different channels at once! It’s set up just like it would be at a sports bar, and the owner was blown away at how simple it is to use.”
The 6,000 square foot home features a fully integrated home control system from ELAN® Home Systems that gives the owner iPad control of Vantage lighting, climate, whole-home audio and video, the pool and spa, security, surveillance and even motorized window blinds. The ELAN g!Mobile app lets the owner configure the entire home, including the videowall, to his exact settings and even set daily schedules for things likes heating, lighting and pool equipment.
In addition to the impressive media room, this home has four TVs ranging from 46” to 65” including a TV that rises out of the floor in the master bedroom and a hidden mirror TV in the master bathroom. As for music, 16 zones of audio deliver hi-fi sound in every room and the backyard using Triad speakers. All the TVs and audio zones are connected to the ELAN g! control system so the owner can use his iPad, iPhone or an ELAN HR2 remote to change channels, volume, choose playlists, and change the video or audio source for any room. This way each room can play different music and each TV can play a different video source, such as the 400-disc Sony Blu-ray changer or one of three DirecTV receivers.
eHome made sure the system was easy enough for the owner’s young children to use. With ELAN HR2 touchscreen remotes for each TV, everyone has instant access to their TV and music, as well as lighting, heating and window blinds. Whether using the HR2 or an iPad, the system is easy to navigate, and it only takes a few taps to change from controlling music to turning on the pool’s heater. This makes managing the entire home a breeze, especially when entertaining guests.
When the family goes on vacation the system comes with them on their iPhones and iPads, giving them full access to check the home’s temperature, energy usage, security and surveillance system, and make any changes they want to. Everything in the home can be automated to run just how the family wants it, such as ‘day’ and ‘night’ modes for lights and ‘home’ and ‘away’ modes for the entire home that turns off lights and TVs, closes the garage doors and sets the security, surveillance, climate and pool systems to the ideal settings.
Best of all, the ELAN g! system delivers all this advanced functionality without breaking the bank. “The main reason I install ELAN g! is it’s ease of use and because it’s the same interface on ELAN touchpanels, iPads, android devices and PCs,’ Kindle added. “It’s just an added bonus that it’s a much more cost effective system versus many other home control solutions without sacrificing quality or reliability. One of the reasons we were able to get this job was that we were able to control all aspects of the home for less than a competitor’s partial home control bid.”
eHome’s installation includes a high-powered Wi-Fi network plus cell phone signal repeaters and boosters to ensure fast and consistent access throughout the home. In addition to the HR2 remotes and g!Mobile app for iPad and iPhone, the family uses several in-wall ELAN touchpanels to control the system.