Circle Technology™ Added As A Sharp® Strategic Alliance Resource (Star) Member


Sharp® Electronics Corporation has designated Circle Technology™ as a Strategic Technology Alliance Resource (STAR) member to four of their categories: Collaboration Tools, Device Control, Display Controller, and Networking. The Sharp STAR Program is a directory of third-party products and services that compliment Sharp's award-winning Aquos Board™ Interactive Display System and other professional display products.

 “Circle Technology is proud to become a member of the STAR Program and we look forward to continued growth in this collaboration,” said Circle Technology CEO Ron Khormaei.  “Circle Technology’s portable secure solution allows the user to screen share any presentation or content via the Circle Host Software from their PC directly to Circle Displays or their own device.”


Circle Host Software makes it possible to present without any connection to the Internet or internal networks, thus eliminating any worries about faulty connections or security concerns. The software also allows for multiple devices to be connected at once, giving the presenter the opportunity to put their presentation into the hands of a larger group of people at the same time.

The software works on a self-contained, encrypted WPA2 password protected network, powered by the standard wireless capabilities embedded in today’s PCs, allowing for a secure and private connection between the presenter’s PC and the audience’s devices, within a range of 100 feet.


 Real-time sharing and collaboration is an integral element of all presentations, and with Circle Host Software the presenter controls the flow of their presentation while interacting in real-time.

 Stampede Presentation Products Inc. is the North American distributor of the Circle Technology presentation system. For more information on how to order Circle Technology presentation systems from Stampede, please call1-800-398-5652.