Kansas Pre K-12 School Leads Educational Technology Initiative With Apple® iPads and Trident Cases


In Oxford, Kansas, teachers and administrators of Oxford Unified School District (USD) 358 utilize tablets and apps to prepare students for a progressively digital world. In order to protect their investment in delicate technology, IT teacher Mandi Schneider turned to Trident Case®’s Kraken A.M.S series, the toughest line of stylish and protective mobile and tablet cases.
“We are proud to be included in Oxford USD 358’s project,” said Erin Luzzi, Trident Vice President of Marketing. “Trident will continue to provide the most protective and rugged cases, designed to prevent tablet damage in classroom wear-and-tear scenarios.”
In Schneider’s 11th grade IT classroom, students use iPads with advanced applications to create original digital content. Aurasma, a free app that simulates augmented reality, allows developers – or in this case, students – to use advanced image and pattern recognition to blend real world photos with interactive media such as videos and 3D animation.

“We’re preparing them for what’s out there,” Schneider said of her lessons. “Tablets are everywhere. Our students are getting a head start with complex applications used in the real world, especially in college. They are way ahead of the rest.”
Tablet use is not limited to Schneider’s technology classroom, however. Oxford USD 358 uses iPad 2s and iPad 4s in every kind of classroom, with interactive lesson plans in business, broadcasting, English, science, math, and foreign languages. In one of the Spanish classes, for example, students were asked to come up with one word that represents foreign language learning, and compiled a fifty second video featuring tablets as a method of expression.

The school is also using high tech solutions for more basic functions, such as QR code labels outside each classroom that allow visitors to quickly download contact and class information. The QR code labels also correspond directly with the Aurasma application for students. A YouTube video made by students shows how the name plates work: parents can simply scan the code with their mobile devices, and retrieve information about the class. Now, parent-teacher conferences and hallway navigation are instantly made simpler.
As technology becomes more integrated within the educational community, administrators like those of Oxford USD 358 must ensure that their delicate devices are protected. Trident Case provides sustainability for long-term initiatives like Oxford USD 358’s iPad integration project, because it offers the utmost protection and security for tablet devices.
“I've been extremely happy with the Trident team,” said District Technology Director Brad Schneider.  “After ten weeks of school, there has not been one damaged iPad.”  
The students are pleased with Trident’s performance as well. IT student Danielle Payne said that Trident cases are “durable and easy to handle,” while Grace Selenke described them as “hefty.” Kelsey Ledbetter said that she is reassured that her iPad will not break as easily. “It's a bonus that they are come in our school colors,” she added.

Schneider is urging other schools to choose Trident. “I would recommend Trident Case to other schools looking to invest in technology,” Mandi Schneider said. “We presented the iPads with Kraken A.M.S. cases to other schools in the district, and recommended that they purchase them to protect their investment.”
Trident Case® offers six series of protective carrying solutions providing one, two, or three layers of protection: Kraken A.M.S. Series, Aegis Series, Cyclops Series, Perseus A.M.S. Series, Electra Series, and Apollo Series. All Trident cases use bio-enhanced, plastic based products that are recyclable, compostable, and degradable. Trident cases are manufactured in the USA.