Creativity Flourishes At Robina Baker Elementary School With Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablets

Robina Baker.png

In Devon, Alberta, students of Robina Baker Elementary School are getting creative with the help of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, a tablet that promotes interactive learning as part of the Samsung School solution.
“Samsung School has brought such a dynamic energy to the classroom. Through these easy-to-manage digital tools, we are able to truly focus on education instead of the technology,” said Matthew Kierstead, Principal of Robina Baker Elementary School. “This is revolutionizing the classroom experience for our students and educators alike.”
In order to deploy the program across Canada, Samsung partnered with Advanced Education. “Educational Technology promotes a dynamic, vibrant, and productive learning environment,” said Advanced’s Product Manager for Samsung School, Paul Weatherhead. “Advanced Education seeks to enhance the overall learning experience by integrating tablets in to the classroom. We are honored to be a part of the Samsung School solution.”
Now, school districts in Canada may purchase specially configured and priced Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets either through direct purchase order to Advanced Education or through purchases made at a specially created online store located at
Samsung School, a digital education solution, utilizes the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet with compatible software to bridge the gap between teacher and student. The program creates a cohesive tablet device environment for K-12 classrooms by using the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 for screen sharing, screen monitoring, student device control, remote content sharing, content management and formative assessments.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet promotes dynamic and creative learning. Alongside formulated lesson plans, students input their own pictures and text to accompany learning material. “The kids are able to make a more personal connection to the materials they’re studying,” teacher Trevor Handerson emphasizes. “The tablets integrate online technologies with their personal notes.”
Samsung school software enables screen-sharing capabilities, which allow teachers to track a student’s progress on individual screens. This enables for a personalized, intensive learning experience in which instructors can assess each student’s performance individually. “Elijah was reading below grade level, said Allison Cupid, the student’s mother. “With the Samsung School program, the visually stimulating program sparked his interest, and he advanced two full grade levels in the course of eight months.”
The initiative enables beneficial, easy-to-use tasks, including screen sharing, screen monitoring, instant quizzes, virtual group collaborations, student progress tracking, and more.
“Lessons are lot more fun,” one student explains. “It ‘s made everyone focus a bit more. We can add pictures, type and write with our colored pens. The tablets made our learning more exciting.”
Advanced Education, a division of Advanced Inc., is at the forefront of the educational revolution by introducing and supporting the integration of interactive technology into classrooms throughout Canada. The company assists with any type of integration solution from a single projector or SMART Board to technology plans for an entire school district. Advanced Education is much more than a technology provider. Their team of education consultants also work directly with teachers, school districts, colleges, and universities to develop and deliver relevant, curriculum based professional development sessions for educators.